About Pastor Sabra Johnson

Pastor Sabra Johnson is an Inspirational Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and Pastor of City of Faith Church in Houston, Texas. He is nationally recognized for his passion for reaching the underserved and often overlooked men, women, teens, and children in need of life direction and a strong biblical foundation on which to build a happy, healthy, and successful life.

Pastor Sabra Johnson is not only a skilled preacher and motivational speaker, but his is also a well-versed lover of words and published author. His first literary work, The Divine Extinguisher was completed in 1999. Under this title he shared the story of his tragic burn accident and how God’s grace was sufficient. During a ministry sabbatical from 2008-2011 Pastor Sabra worked on the manuscript for Vision-Driven detailing the journey of realizing a dream God placed inside your heart and the steps to persevere through challenges to bring that dream to fruition. In 2012, Pastor Sabra released Born to Succeed, an inspirational book for those looking to find direction to build a successful life. In 2013, he released two devotionals: 40 Miracles A Daily Devotional and 40 Days of Miracles for Teens. These devotionals take in-depth looks into the biblical scriptures and apply these teachings to real-life applications. 2014 marked the release of Name Your It a motivational book designed to build your faith to move mountains and achieve the impossible. Currently, Pastor Sabra is working on a new book focusing on God’s definition of the perfect man and woman. This book is due to be released this year under the tentative title A Proverbs Woman and A Job 29 Man. With each book and publication, Pastor Sabra Johnson is working to reach the masses with a story of hope. He wishes to inspire others to trust in God because through His grace we can achieve our heart’s desire. In addition to his published works, Pastor Sabra has an online blog full of testimonies, inspirational stories, and motivational thoughts.

Today, Pastor Sabra Johnson and a faithful group of Houstonians are changing lives through City of Faith Church in Houston, Texas. Pastor Sabra’s vision is to create a church that is open to all in order to spread the message of God’s love to anyone and everyone willing to listen. City of Faith Church continues to grow and expand for it truly is perched to become the next big move of God in Houston, Texas. In addition to weekly service, life classes, and one-on-one mentoring and coaching, Pastor Sabra is offering sanctuary and hope to the people of Houston and beyond.

After just one visit to City of Faith Church in Houston, Texas, or one of the Born To Succeed Conferences you will see that Pastor Sabra has created a place that welcomes all and is deeply routed in the word of God. Pastor Sabra is a sought after motivational speaker, gifted writer, and personal life coach. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife, Matilda Johnson, and their two girls, Julia and Anna. As Pastor of City of Faith Church in Houston, Texas, he sponsors city-wide events, provides a sermon and praise and worship service every Sunday, and remains readily available to help those in need.