Born to Succeed Conference Series

The Born to Succeed brand of Pastor Sabra and City of Faith Church is committed to helping others discover and fulfill personal purpose in the earth, for we all are Born to Succeed. Born To Succeed by Pastor Sabra Johnson is a movement of epic proportions—a daily endeavor for men and women daring to dream the impossible dream. Your success is innate and inevitable for you were Born to Succeed!

Born to Succeed is a signature teaching of Pastor Sabra Johnson. This success teaching is taught for all groups and ages with specialized segments for youth, men and women. These segments began as a Sunday Teaching series under the title “A Proverbs 31 Woman and a Job 29 Man” developed and taught by the powerful life coach, speaker and author, Pastor Sabra Johnson. The conference – like the series- is designed to empower and equip youth, women and men to discover and walk in personal purpose of victory!

It is the premier inspirational conference to attend in the state of Texas, committed to showcasing elite preacher-pastors and signature life coaches in a single forum.


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